Pink Hand Carved Stacked Bow Cut and Curl Candle

$16.95 USD


Product Description

6 1/2" hand carved pink cut and curl candle with stacked bow design. Unscented.

In a time of mass produced duplicates, these hand carved candles are unique burnable sculptures.

With care, these candles will burn through the middle without melting the outside. Once the candle has been burned an inch or so, you can burn tea lights in your candle. Burning instructions are provided with each candle purchased.

How are Cut & Curl Candles Made......

A core candle is made in a mold, poured by myself. After the core is cooled, it is pulled from the mold, and set aside to cool further. To create the cut, the core is dipped into numerous layers of wax to build up to the appropriate thickness. Then while hot, using a sharp knife, bows, butterflies, twist and twirls are cut in the soft wax and the wax is folded down. After completing the candle, it is dipped in a sealer, and hung to cool and dry.

Pictured is a lit candle to show you how the inside of the candle lights up when lit.
THIS IS NOT THE CANDLE FOR SALE. The candle for sale has never been lit.

Pink Hand Carved Stacked Bow  Cut and Curl Candle


Thank you for visiting Wildwood General Store. Here you will find handmade items made by myself and my wife. I make hand carved and scented soy candles. My wife is an artist and professor at an art college. You may find paintings, prints, chandeliers and anything else she creates.